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Poll Release

The ‘poll’ is the collective name for the rectus capitus muscle group located behind the ears. They attach the cervical vertebrae to the base of the skull, allowing for movement in this area.

However, in many horses, this area holds a lot of tension. This can be caused by tack which is placed here as well as having to hold a very heavy head at the end of a very long neck! (just think about the tension you hold in the back of the neck after a long and busy day, and how much more your horse has to hold due to the weight of their heads on a horizontal plane!)

Therefore, to help relieve this tension, I am using a fantastic technique where I allow the horse to rest their heavy heads on my shoulder (quite literally!). As they relax into it, they allow me to take more and more weight and I can instantly feel the muscles loosen as they relax, allowing me to massage them to release further tightness. Awesome!

If you think your horse could do with some of this- please get in touch! All of my details can be found on the contact page of my website.

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