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About Grace

From the very beginning of high school, my love for science and biology began to grow.

I remember sitting in science class being in total awe of what teachers were describing when it came to the human body (which is incredibly similar to the animal body). The intricate design of anatomy, the wonders of physiology and how every day, all these elements manage to work in (almost) complete cohesion, captivated me.


This love continued and developed all the way throughout high school, A-levels, my degree, and  experience and continued professional development throughout my career.


What astounds me, still today, is how the body is able to heal itself almost completely on its own...

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As a Veterinary Physiotherapist, I see it as my role to do everything I can to empathetically promote and encourage this musculoskeletal healing. I am a firm believer that everything is deeply connected, and if one element is out of place, this will have a knock on effect for many other mechanisms of the body. This is also why I will always look at your animal as a whole, aiming to get to the root of all problems. 

My other passion, (much before science class in high school!) has always been animals. I have grown up around dogs and ridden from a young age. The unconditional and underserving love animals give to us continuously and regardlessly, has always kept me close to them. There is a deep spiritual understanding which they seem to connect to us with. 

 Sport and exercise has also been a huge part of my life. I was a competitive swimmer for almost 10 years, quitting only to focus and pursue my studies and a career in veterinary physiotherapy. I trained up to nine times a week, battling early mornings, success, failures and injury. I feel this gives me a great understanding of the pressures and demands of competing may put on yourself and your horse or dog, both mentally and physically.


My latest animal love, which progressed at uni, is cattle! They are just as wonderful creatures as the horse or dog and I would love to work with them more in the future. I believe that physio could really benefit them.

... but I'm not so sure about working with sheep!

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